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Workshop Testimonials

I loved  every moment of the Dream Big Workshop.
Kylie’s beautiful smile was so welcoming and atmosphere was warm on arrival.
Kylie presented so well. Presentation was clear and easy to understand.
The meditation moment was powerful and really helped me to cast off all limitations. It helped me to think big and dream big.
Amazing workshop. I left feeling excited about my future. I felt free!


I went to the Dream Big Workshop not knowing what to expect. To my delight, I was greeted with warmth and acceptance for my story and encouragement to future cast my biggest dreams. Kylie creates a space where vulnerability is welcome and dreaming big  is a muscle that when strengthened becomes second nature. Thank you Kylie for bravely sharing your authentic self and being a cheerleader for other women to live in freedom. I am deeply grateful.


The Dream Big Workshop, was awesome, Kylie presents the workshop in a relaxed and inviting space, it was easy to dream and create my vision board. I found the space to be very therapeutic, exciting, as I dreamed of what’s on my heart to dream big and explore in the future. Believing in the changes are possible. Thank you Kylie, for an exceptional day filled with laughter as we all shared our creating space together! I look forward to hearing about other workshops in the future.


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