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Rave Reviews

Melissa Groom
Facilitator and Coach for Speakers Institute

Kylie has a beautiful presence on stage. Her big smile and energy lights up the room. She delivers her message with passion and humour.
I highly recommend her to speak at your event.


Nick Kenny
Mental Health Facilitator and Speaker and NSW
Speakers Institute Leader

Kylie's talk was a very powerful and emotional story tied in with a simple and effective message of empowerment. Thank you for adding value to our NSW tribe gathering, Kylie. Keep shining!

Bellinda Myers

Kylie's message is one of hope, inspiration and breakthrough. In sharing her personal journey it is clear that she has manifested tools and strategies to equip and empower her audiences. From the local to the international stage, Kylie has the ability to reach across cultures and age groups to deliver a timeless message of freedom.

IMG_2057.jpeg Bee.jpeg

Michelle Faith Jaxon
Motivational Speaker and Transition Coach

Kylie Smith has used her faith and her success in overcoming personal challenges to create her amazing think B.I.G message.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Kylie present a few times now and have found her warm and engaging presentation style draws you in, inspires you and leaves you wanting more....

Kylie has a natural ability to equip and empower people with the skills to step forward with boldness into their best life. 

God certainly knew what He was doing when He created Kylie Smith to light up our lives. 

Yash Varma
High Performance Coach

Kylie is a fantastic speaker who has a very inspirational story to share. I really enjoyed hearing her speak. She has some great insights we can all learn from.


Contessa Hajinikitas
Creator of the 12 MinuteMind Reset

Kylie's message in 'Overcomer Crowned in Freedom' is inspirational and fresh. Kylie resonates with anyone who is looking for a positive change in life. A step-by-step account giving insight into making life less challenging. Kylie's personal story of a life that starts in reverse and becomes incredible - how this young lady and her faith has brought her in this place to help anyone who is willing to listen.

Central West NSW

'Kylie has assisted me to increase my own self awareness, to reflect and strategise a new way forward, across a number of life domains. Kylie's approach is very much a client centred one. She is engaging and holds a wealth of experience. Kylie lives by the advice, values and self belief she teaches and has the ability to guide you in the practical application of coaching methodologies. I can now set more realistic life goals and have established healthier relationships, with an increased ability to set and maintain clear personal and professional boundaries, has revolutionised my life. I would highly recommend Liberty Life Consulting to anyone seeking real and lasting change'.

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Central Coast NSW

As a speaker, writer and mentor Kylie is a true believer in empowering you! Empowering you to fully pursue your dreams, face the tough challenges and letting go of the things that hold you back in life. Kylie is a believer in empowering YOU to pursue LIFE!

Over the years of knowing Kylie both personally and professionally, she has been a constant pillar of empowerment. Kylie has empowered me to be the woman I am today. To have a voice, know my own strength, keep my head held high and stand my ground. 

There has been understanding, kindness, compassion, hard truth, kicks up the butt and lots of fun. Kylie has always been truthful and gets you to work on you. 

Kylie is a woman of integrity. What you see in public is what you see behind closed doors. To hear her speak, read her resources and to be mentored by her is an honour and privilege, i'll carry with me for all time. 

Central Coast NSW

As a mum of 2 children (4 and 7 years old), I found myself in a season of wondering 'What's next for me?'. Life and career for me, pre-children looked quite different to post-children. I really appreciated the time that I spent with Kylie, realising and evaluating my values and beliefs and setting time aside for 'me' and I was able to see how my values have shaped and will shape what happens in the future. It enabled me to have some 'space' to set some goals for myself, my career and my family. The conversation was open and Kylie was very easy to speak with. She offered some tools to implement into my every day and guidance on how to reach future goals. I'd highly recommend Kylie to anyone who is looking for direction or just needing some space to pause and dream about the future.

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Central Coast NSW

At beginning of the year I decided to engage in some life coaching. I completed the 6 week plan with Kylie from Liberty Life Consulting which helped unlock some of my passions as well as put In strategies to overcome road blocks that had been holding me back. I also learnt to have a better understanding of who I am. I couldn’t recommend Kylie from Liberty Life Coaching enough

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