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Rising Resilient Australia Incorporated

Not For Profit

In 2022 Rising Resilient Australia Incorporated began. Made up of a board of powerhouse women who are passionate about equipping, empowering and educating women who have experienced abuse &/or family and domestic violence, through workshops, online courses and Rising Resilient Retreats. 

The statistics in Australia are 31% of women that is a third of women go through some type of abuse. This is not okay. I have found that empowering and equipping women with tools to reframe belief systems and move forward beyond their past helps a woman, her family, community and generations to live an abundant, fulfilled life.

We have different sponsorship options, for your consideration.

1 Rising Resilient Retreat – A retreat for women who have experienced trauma and abuse. Commencing on Friday night 6 pm until 11 am Sunday. Education and tools to overcome trauma and abuse. Cost $1497 per person.

2 Rising Resilient Online Course – A follow on from Rising Resilient Retreat. Step by step training and in-depth, self paced, online training on discovering who you were designed to be, identifying your values and purpose. Learning practical skills on how to rewrite the rest of your story.

Cost $1497 per person.

3 Rising Resilient Mentorship and Support Group. Both Consist of 6 month, concurrently. This is made up of a team of volunteers with no charge to the participant.

I would ask you to consider option 1 and/or 2, to make a difference and heal a life, a family, a community and generations.

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