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Rising Resilient Book

Rising Resilient Book

We all have a journey and story. Many of us have navigated experiences which have taken us along figurative high roads down into low valleys, through straight and easy terrain, to winding and uncharted territory, where we could not see the road ahead. Life is marked with ups and downs that test our capacity to deal with and rise above our circumstances.


Join Kylie as she shares her journey and story of defying the odds multiple times. From being given no hope of life beyond birth, to growing up and loathing who she was, and then discovering her purpose, true value and worth, Kylie weaves her raw and personal stories into a unique tapestry threaded with both heartache and pain, yet also resilience and hope to see the bigger picture in play. 


Borne out of Kylie’s lived experience, and now, her passion for living an abundant life, this book shares practical advice on equipping and empowering you, as well as opportunities to pause for your own self-reflection. Discover a freedom in your own journey and story as you turn each page and come to know that we have all been gifted with the choice to rise resilient, no matter what roads we have travelled on through life.

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